With huge thanks to all the contributing artists and in particular Yako & Agata (Melt Banana), Maggi Vail (Bikini Kill Records), Beverly Geesin, Julian Garr, Jesse Brede, Roger Cliffe-Thompson, James, Hugh, Sue, Jason Magicks, Tom Smith, Ewan Grant (Algernon Doll), Katie Strang, Peter Wright (Virtual Label LLC), David McGinnis (Mute), Michael Gira (SWANS), Winter (Snow Puppy), Vicky Dias (Universal Music), Douglas Gordon, Katharina Kiebacher (Douglas Gordon Archive), Andy Edwards, D, G, Fiona Bromiley, Dr Rebekka Kill, Chris Bloor, Sarah DuFeu, Jonathan Crosby, James Chinneck, Harold Offeh, Ian Truelove, Marion Harrison and Brigitte, Heidi & Zak. And to Leanne and Christa for all the extra hours on the design work.

Mastered by Michael Ward.

Andy Tunstall's track was composed for headphones.

Etta James I'd rather go blind
Written by Billy Foster, Ellington Jordan, Donto Foster. Published By: Arc Music Corporation; Original Catalog No: Cadet single 5578; Produced by & Arranged by Rick Hall; Engineer: Rick Hall
Vocals: Etta James, Trumpet: Gene "Bowlegs" Miller, Saxophone: Charles Chalmers, Saxophone: Aaron Varnell, Saxophone: Floyd Newman, Organ: Carl Banks, Organ-Piano: Dewey Oldham, Guitar: Jimmy Ray Johnson, Guitar: Albert Lowe, Jr., Bass Guitar: David Hood, Drums: Roger Dawkins
(P) 1967 Geffen Records

This CD is covered by an MCPS Limited Manufacture Licence. This is cantaudio035, May 2013, compiled by Alan Dunn, Leeds Metropolitan University. This CD is part of the series The sounds of ideas forming that brings together artists' soundworks, archival material and new content from art students to reconsider a history of sound.